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Tracheostomy Foam Dressing 9.7 x 8.2 cm

Novo-Pad is an especially soft, skin-friendly and absorbent tracheostomy dressings. They are made from a hydrophilic polyurethane foam that provides ideal removal of wound secretions as well as good cushioning. The skin-coloured cover of the dressing is semipermeable and free of latex and adhesives. The absorbed moisture is gradually wicked away from the surface with no extensive seepage of the secretion through
the cover. Exchange of gases is facilitated. Novo-Pad  
ensures an optimal wound milieu, prevents irritation and provides you and your patient with advanced tracheostomy care.

The use of the dressings promotes wound healing.
In order to reduce irritations of the wound they should stay at the patient as long as possible. The dressings are especially suitable for just operated, irritated or highly exudating tracheostoma.