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SORB-IT Drain and I.V. Sponges dressing - 6-ply

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SORB-IT Drain and I.V. Sponges dressing - 6-ply


1.Tegaderm HP Film Dressing Oval 4 x 4.5 Inch Transparent - 1 Each

2.Sterile, Waterproof, Thin, Transparent Film Dressing

3.Can be Cut to any Shape or Size

4.Transparent- Allows easy monitoring of wounds and I.V. sites

5.Use as a Primary or Secondary Dressing over Acute Wounds, Surgical Sites or Chronic Wounds

6.Picture Frame Delivery- Secure Adhesion yet Gentle to the Skin

7.HP- means Holding Power under Moist Conditions

8.Conformable and Flexible for Greater Patient Comfort

9.Better fit with less edge lift and greater adhesion for a strong hold under moist conditions.