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Silicone foam advanced dressing for pressure ulcer

  • Description



Silicone foam dressing is an absorbent, atraumatic dressing made from absorbent core and silicone gel. The wound contact surface of Silicone foam dressing is coated with a layer of soft silicone gel that does not stick to the surface of a wound or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon removal. This soft silicone layer is also slightly tacky, which facilitates application and retention of the dressing to intact skin, but does not cause epidermal stripping or pain on removal. The outer surface of the product is bonded to a vapor-permeable polyurethane membrane, which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms.



Structure and Characteristics

1. Wet Healing: The three-layer structure provides a dynamic exudate and wet wound healing enviroment that promotes rapid wound healing.
2. Breathable and skin-friendly: The porous structure facilitates the conduction of the osmotic fluid and has a large absorption capacity for the liquid and rapidly absorbs the effusion.
3. Soft to check the wound.
4. Reduce pain
5. Imported raw material


Applications-Silicone Foam Wound Dressing

1. It is adaptable to different phases of wound especially to all kinds of wounds with exudate
2. II degree burn wound.
3. Donor site and skin grafts site.
4. All kinds of ulcers, bedsores
5. All kinds of post-operation surgery wound , can be reserved for 5 to 7 days at most.