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Portable ABS-hospital bedside cabinet drawer

  • Description

Portable ABS-hospital bedside cabinet drawer

1. The cabinet is made of ABS (one kind of high quality engineering plastic).
2. With one drawer and one concealed board for cup and artical for using.

3. pro-environment

4. hot selling in all of the market

5. economic, convenient,durable.

6. Size: 480*480*760mm

7. High Quality Engineering plastics

8.With towers on both sides, one dinning board, one drawer and one door.


Configuration & Feature:


1.Heightened the height of the root of bracket arm to increase the loading capacity and to enlarge the width X length of plywood.

2.Good versatility by equipping special attachment pieces and fittings for exhibiting various kinds of commodities.

3.This kind of medical cabinett looks very beautiful,it is attractive in appearance.it is useful in most of the hospital 

4. Be made of plastics

5.It is very beautiful and the design is reasonable

6.Ideal cabinet of in hospital or office.