I.V.drain sponge fixation dressing 6x8cm

I.V.drain sponge fixation dressing 6x8cm
I.V.drain sponge fixation dressing 6x8cm is made of non-woven fabric for fixing PICC,CVC,PIV 
and protecting IV sites from bacteria

1.Breathable:allows oxygen exchange
2.Hypoallergenic:soft and comfortable PU film with medical adhesion
3.Absorbing capacity:Absorbing exudation

Using instruction:
Apply on clean skin

Insert the peripheral I.V. cannula


Lift the catheter and fit the additional pad under the cannula's wing's, in order to protect the skin and
to absorb the patient's sweat.

Peel the bigger anti-adherent layer out and stick the part of the plaster on the skin so that the absorbent pad covers covers
the cannula insertion point.

Subsequently peel the smaller layers which cover the two sides of the plaster and fix these ones on the catheter wings.

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